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Our brands

In Pelly Group includes the brands Pelly Components, Mirro, Pelly System and LG Collection.

With Pelly Components we turn to corporate costumers and kitchen and wardrobe manufacturers with components for clever storage solutions inside the cabinets.

With Mirro, Pelly System and LG Collection we offers you as a private costumer and corporate costumer innovative, smart and costumized solutions for storage and furnishing for kitchen, bedroom, laundry and hallway.

Pelly components

Pelly Components is a leading supplier of storage solutions in the Nordic areas where our main focus is, but our products is asked for all over the world and our export is growing for every year.

Our costumers is the biggest manufacturer within kitchen-, bath-, and wardrobe industry.  The products are mainly made in our own factory in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Product development, design, marketing, sales and costumer support are based at the head office in  Sweden, Jönköping.

With this brand are we a part of creating cleaver and smart storage solutions for every room- with focus on function without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

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Pelly System

Pelly System started to manufacture wardrobe interior in 1947 in Hillerstorp, Sweden. The range consist of wallmounted rails, brackets and baskets for easy mounting, perfect for the DIY market and can be used everywhere you need a clever price worthy and easy to mount storage solution. With this flexible system is it possible to create the optimal solution for you, maybe you need a lot of shelf's in the basement or baskets for your hats and gloves in the hallway or to build that smart shelfsystem in the garage for a easy overview, Pelly system with help you with that.

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We started to produce wardrobe interior in Hillerstorp, Sweden already in 1947. Since then so many things have changed but a lot of the craft in the product is still alive today. Every sliding door leaving the factory is cut and mounted by hand in out factory, to fit all costumers special measurement. That also applies to the interior, cut, drilled and polished, still by hand.

We are fully aware that no other home is the same. We all have different needs of storage solutions. With our customized products it's simple for you to create order wherever you might need it - from the entrance and utility room to the living room or child's bedroom.

The benefits with customized storage solutions is that you an choose between different material and surface.  Some of our sliding doors is also possible to order with the color of your demand. You can also customize your storage after the spaaaaaace even though the floor or ceiling might be a bit uneven. 

Everything is possible with customized storage solution!

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LG Collection

We on LG Collection is specialist on worktops. in more than 40 years have we introduced new materials, colors and smart solutions for Scandinavian kitchens and our collections is renewed continuously with exiting options. A countertop from us is a part of our wide knowledge to make the best product to you.

Today is LG Collection one of Sweden's leading manufacturer of customized worktops, splash panel and window shields.  We collaborate with large brands in the business and kitchen carpenters. Out factory is located in Nässjö, Sweden - center of the area known for its wooden furniture.  Even though is a precisely and technical production behind every worktop its still a craftsmanship. The human eye spots a lot that the machine never will so all products leaving us is checked and polished by hand to get that smooth surface that LG collection is known for.

Key word is contemplation, thoughtful. there is so much that must be right - from measurements and perforation to material and the right surface treatment. That's why we are following the costumers order from start to end in an well supervised order buy our knowledgeable staff.  We know how much time, thought, and money you invest in a new kitchen or bathroom – so our goal is that even you are a private costumer, a business to costumer or a house manufacturer you shall feel safe and secure about you choosing LG Collection as your supplier. Without the worktop the kitchen is incomplete. We make your kitchen dreams come true!

Worktop is the detail that can make two similar kitchens look completely different. Different materials and structure creates an dynamic and exiting expression. Often a kitchen have more than one worktop that lets you combined wood, stone and laminate at the same spaaaaaace.  Our worktops can also be used as desks or in your bathroom or why not customize your kitchen table. 

Splash panels is a beautiful and practical alternative to the more traditionally splash protection like tiles. Use for instant the same material as on your worktop or choose between all our patterns and colors also our own design of tiles. An easy and price worthy way to renew your kitchen without hiring a carpenter! 

Window shields in laminate possible to get in all colors as the worktops. Exist with both straight cut and rounded edges and different thickness.