Business customer

For you as a business customer we have taken an leading roll as a supplier of storage solutions. Out customers is manufacturers of kitchen, bath and wardrobe industry. We are a part of creating cleaver and smart storage solutions for all rooms in your house without compromising on design and aesthetic.  

Together we can raise your costumers expectations to a new level in this field.

Are you an industry that are searching for new concept of interior for your furnitures and wish to grow on the market with us. We adapt to your needs. We collaborate with some of the biggest wholesalers in the business and can also send big order quantities directly to your factory.

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Are you working in construction then we can help with the right products.  We are investing in a smooth collaboration where our brands cover most segment that you need for your project in storage inside kitchen, bedrooms and hallways that will make you even more competitive.

Does it sound interesting with only one supplier, one contact ?

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If you are a retailer and work in the retail industry, you have the opportunity to offer our customers our innovative, smart and functional storage and interior solutions for all the rooms of our home with our products and brands.

Does it sound interesting to be a reseller of our products?

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We also have the benefit of working with some of Scandinavia's biggest producers of houses. Our offer of customized slidingdoors and storage solutions fits all rooms in a house. We knows that this needs look different depending the costumer since some will hide all items but others want sliding doors of glass and a big walk in closet, that's what we are here for.  Choose between a solid wooden interior from Mirror or use  the wallmounted solution from Pelly System. We can also provide you with worktops, splash panels and windowsills from LG Collection, produced in Nässjö.

Lets together make your customers dreams of storage come true. 

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Industrial customer

We are available with good concepts to help your business move forward. We adapt to your needs and help you grow in the market.

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The project market

If you work in the project market, we are happy to see that the delivery comes from us. Our focus is to make it smooth and easy for you who invest in projects. With our brands, we cover a large part of both storage and kitchens that make you as a customer even more competitive. Does it sound interesting with a supplier, a contact - a smooth collaboration?

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Retailer / works in the retail trade

For you as a retailer, with our products and brands, you have the opportunity to offer your customers our innovative, smart and functional storage and interior design solutions for all rooms in the home. Does it sound interesting to become a reseller of our products?

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We work with Sweden's largest house manufacturer

We know that all home customers have different needs when it comes to storage. Some want to show off, others want to hide. Therefore, with our brands Mirro and Pelly System, we offer both a solid wood interior and wall-mounted interior. Countertops, splash panels and window sills are manufactured in Nässjö under the brand LG Collection. Should we together realize your home customers' storage dreams?

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