We started to produce wardrobe interior in Hillerstorp, Sweden already in 1947. Since then so many things have changed but a lot of the craft in the product is still alive today. Every sliding door leaving the factory is cut and mounted by hand in out factory, to fit all costumers special measurement. That also applies to the interior, cut, drilled and polished, still by hand.

We are fully aware that no other home is the same. We all have different needs of storage solutions. With our customized products it's simple for you to create order wherever you might need it - from the entrance and utility room to the living room or child's bedroom.

The benefits with customized storage solutions is that you an choose between different material and surface.  Some of our sliding doors is also possible to order with the color of your demand. You can also customize your storage after the space even though the floor or ceiling might be a bit uneven. 

Everything is possible with customized storage solution!

Customized sliding doors both on the width and height to fit perfect wherever you need it. 

To create the most practical solution for you you can just ad interior to your wardrobe such as clothes rod, lightning and pullout shoe racks.

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