1945 The business "Järnarmatur Aktiebolag" were started of two men in the Swedish village Hillerstorp, Mr. Holmberg and Mr. Antonsson.  The company manufactured baskets for potatoes, candlesticks and various wire and metal products. In 1960, the production of wirebaskets started together with producing runners for wardrobes. This became the start for the production that we still produce today.

1980-81 Järnarmatur AB buys Pelly in Falkenberg and changes the name to Pelly Industri. During the 80's the brand Pelly System sells to Finnish owners.

2001 Pelly Industri buys newly started sliding-door company Mirro and also takes back Pelly System.

2006 Our own factory Pelly Baltic in Kaunas, Lithuania  starts to produces the main part of Pelly's ranges.

2011 Two new companies is created within Pelly Industri - Mirro and Pelly Components.

2014 Pelly Intressenter is sold to  Fourier Transform.

2016 Pelly Intressenter buys counter top producer LG Collection in Nässjö.

2019 Pelly Group is now owned by the venture capital company Segulah and opened it's headquarters in Jönköping where development-, marketing- och sales department now is gathered together.